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This page contains opportunities for the business community in Singapore and Brunei, with a special focus on the sectors in which the Dutch business community is most active. Tenders and other business opportunities will be published in shortened form.

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The Netherlands Embassy

For a successful start in Singapore

Singapore is renowned for its good business environment and the process of setting up a business in this country is very straightforward.

Netherlands Embassy in Singapore

541 Orchard Road #13-01
Liat Towers
238881 Singapore

(+65) 6737 1155


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Appointment system

The Netherlands Embassy

For a successful start in Singapore

The Netherlands Embassy, for a successful start in Singapore and Southeast Asia

February 16, 2017 In the early morning last Tuesday, the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition together with Global Compact Network Singapore, hosted the CEO Breakfast Roundtable on integrating Corporate Sustainability to businesses, especially here in Singapore.

February 10, 2017 A new article was published that explains the Dutch approach in the transition towards a smart industry and examples on how robots are key-elements in making this happen. The article is written by Astrid Seegers.